Local speciality

Small biscuit based on butter and almonds, the crocos de Nîmes are a reminder of the coat of arms of the city.
Its shape distinguishes it from all, imagined to please the Nîmois and all gourmands
who visit our beautiful city by strolling in our halles in the city center ...
Allergens : gluten, milk, nuts, egg.

Sold in bundles of 6 crocodiles ( 100g )
Point of sale : PANIS'HALLES - Halles centrales - 30000 Nîmes - FRANCE

The crocodile and the palm tree, emblem of Nîmes

Battle of Actium -31 BC, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra allies her lover, Mark Antony, to face Octavian ( Augustus ). This one wins the victory and establishes its dominion over the whole of the future Empire. Nemausus obtained the right to strike a coin celebrating the event: the ace of Nîmes ( also called dupondius with the crocodile ), a piece of bronze that spread throughout the Empire. On the obverse, we see the Emperor Augustus and his son-in-law Agrippa ( commander of the fleet at Actium and chief artisan of victory ) and on the reverse, the famous crocodile chained to a palm tree crowned with laurels, surmounted by the inscription COL NEM. 1536, Francois 1st granted to the consuls the coat of arms Gules a palm tree Vert, to the trunk of which is attached, with a gold chain, a crocodile passing, also of Vert and a gold crown bound with a ribbon of Even in the first canton of the head of the ecu.



5, rue des halles
Allée de la ciboulette

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